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MPT Preparation — Mastering the MPT

What is the MPT?

Beginning in February 2007, the Maryland Bar Exam includes the “MD Written Test” — 10 essays and one Multistate Performance Test question (MPT), lasting 5 hours and 40 minutes (the 6-hour MBE is still included!).  The MPT is an essay test designed to test your “ability to use fundamental lawyering skills in a realistic situation”, not substantive law knowledge.  You get a file of facts (interview notes, memos, transcripts, letters, agreements, etc.), a library of law (statutes, rules, cases, etc.), an instructional memo from your senior partner giving you an assignment - such as writing a persuasive memo, a will or a client advisement letter — and 90 minutes to perform the assignment.  Your job is to write a narrative answer that identifies the legal issues and solves the problems in the context of the assigned task.


How is the MPT graded?

Your MPT answer will be graded locally by the Maryland Board of Law Examiners, not nationally, like the MBE.  Your MPT answer will be graded on a 0–6 point scale — the same scale and criteria used for the Maryland essay questions — and then doubled, yielding a score of 0–12 points.  The single MPT question, therefore, will have the same value as 2 essay questions.


Shemer's Intensive MPT Prep Program - included in our comprehensive course

Drawing on 25+ years of experience teaching students how to write narrative bar exam answers and the experience of other national MPT experts, Shemer provides Maryland’s most extensive and intensive MPT preparation:

  • Fundamentals of the MPT. During this class, you’ll learn about the MPT, the Maryland Board’s grading criteria, all MPT formats and our exceptional step-by-step answering techniques.
  • Two 3 ½-hour MPT Skills Classes. During each of these classes, you learn more techniques to answer an MPT question, practice what you’ve learned by answering questions - some in class! — and get feedback on your answers.
  • MPT Practice Questions.  Your MPT written materials include numerous MPT questions for your guided, at-home practice, with answer “point sheets” and sample answers.
  • MPT Homework Assignments. Included in your One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule are assignments for practicing specific MPT questions at home to develop and refine your MPT exam skills.
  • Two Practice Tests. You will take two practice “MD Bar Exam Written Tests”, which, like the real thing, will each contain one MPT question and 10 essay questions that you will answer under exam conditions.
  • MPT Feedback. Continuing Shemer’s unique commitment to giving you feedback on your performance and progress, you will receive feedback on MPT answers you actually wrote.

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