The Shemer Method:

Exceptional Support. Pass with Confidence.

The Shemer Method:

Hands on Training. Techniques for Success.

The Shemer Method:

Always Live, In-Class and Online.

The Shemer Method:

Live Online, The Same Live Class From Home.

Retaking the Maryland Bar Exam? Let us help.

If you are like most, you knew enough law to pass the exam, but passing in Maryland requires more. We give you the subject-specificpoint-winning strategies and exam-focused substantive law review you need to pass in Maryland.

Don't settle for a national company's "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Let our 40 years of experience with the Maryland bar exam help you identify what went wrong and how to fix it. Call NOW. Discounts available.

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Meet Our Faculty

Exceptional teachers, decades of experience with the Maryland bar exam

Course Highlights

  • Live, Interactive Instruction
  • Comprehensive Substantive Review
  • Extensive Essay, MBE and MPT Prep
  • Face-to-Face Feedback on Essays
  • Flexible Attendance Options
  • Unparalleled Personal Attention
  • 24/7 Access to Recorded Classes
  • Limited Class Size
  • Stress Management
  • You Pass Guarantee!

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There is no way I would have passed the exam without the Shemer staff's expertise, candor, encouragement and support. Your teaching of substantive law is excellent. I couldn’t have gotten better guidance in exam-taking skills, study regimens, attitude and stress management.