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Case Studies

A repeat taker finds success with Shemer Bar Review after multiple attempts with other courses.  Another student passes with Shemer more than 5 years after graduating from law school while raising a family.

Check out these Case Studies, and others, to learn about how Shemer Bar Review can work for you.

Repeating the Bar Exam

Shemer specializes in helping repeat takers pass.  Alexander was referred to us after unsuccessfully taking the bar several times.  Our first line of attack was to work with him to find out how he had prepared for the exams previously and what happened while he was taking them.  We analyzed his preparation methods and scores from each previous exam and targeted the study and exam-skills areas where he needed extra help.  With some additional attention and The Shemer Advantage he saw the word “PASS” for the first time. 

Here’s what Alex had to say about his experience with Shemer Bar Review:

“I was a multiple repeat taker, working 32 hours a week while I studied, from a non-MD law school, studying mostly remotely. I always talk up Shemer to law students I meet in DC who plan to take the Maryland bar.”

-Alexander R., DePaul University

Did you skimp on your study time?  Did you panic when you saw a question you thought you couldn’t answer?  Did you lack confidence because you didn’t go to a Maryland law school or take some of the testable subjects in law school?  Come over to Shemer and get the personal attention you need to pass.  Contact Us now so we can discuss your situation in more detail.


Five Years Out of Law School and 3 Young Children

Sopanha graduated from the University of St. Thomas School of Law (Minneapolis, MN) in May 2007. She spent several years after law school graduation as a law clerk and volunteer mediator. After three cross-country moves in fewer than five years, Sopanha eventually settled down in St. Mary’s County, Maryland with her family.

It was the fall of 2013, more than five years after earning her J.D., when Sopanha decided it was finally time to take the Maryland bar exam. As you might expect, Sopanha was worried that the long gap since finishing law school might impact her success. In addition, she was now a mother of three children ages four and under.

Sopanha enrolled in the February 2013 Shemer LIVE In-Class course. She leveraged our exam-focused substantive law review and skills-based instruction to rebuild the foundation of her knowledge of the law and test-taking skills. She followed our structured study approach, directed by our detailed One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™, to assure that her studies remained focused and consistent. Most importantly, she took advantage of the individualized attention we provide to all of students to make certain she addressed her weaknesses and built on her strengths.

Here’s what Sopanha had to say about her experience with Shemer Bar Review:

“Dan, Neal and the team made me feel as if I had a huge advantage over all other bar takers, even though it had been quite a few years from being in the student mindset. They provided amazing personalized service and truly cared about my success. I've been with the big name bar prep courses for other state bar exams. The Shemer team is head and shoulders above those guys! Take will only regret it if you don't.”

-Sopanha A., University of St. Thomas

Are you approaching the bar exam many years after law school? Are you concerned that your parenting responsibilities will impact your studies? We can help you achieve the same success Sopanha found with Shemer Bar Review. Contact Us now so we can discuss your situation in more detail.


Student Passes Despite Administrative Glitch During The Exam

For more than 30 years we have heard horror stories about administrative snafus encountered during the bar exam.  From broken heat to disruptive proctors to birds flying around in the testing room, exam day can be a bit unpredictable.  Every Shemer student is trained from the very first class to prepare for what we call an “Oh Sh*t” moment.  Despite having typed all of her practice questions and practice tests, Jennifer was told minutes before the start of the exam, because of an error in her seat number, she would have to handwrite the exam.  

Here’s how Jennifer describes her experience:

“My heart was racing, my mind was scrambled and my first impulse was to…run out of the room. But then I heard a voice inside my head telling me I could do this…. I would still have time to "handwrite" good answers. I calmly shut my lap top…and took a few solid minutes of deep breathing…. I would not have been able to calm myself down so quickly in that intense moment of panic without having gone through the Shemer experience and learning all the stress reduction techniques!”

-Jennifer M., University of Maryland

Do you struggle with test anxiety?  Are you easily knocked off your pins? Whether you tend to be a worry wart or cool as a cucumber, we make sure you will be calm, prepared and ready for anything on exam days.  Contact Us now so we can discuss your situation in more detail.


No Business Associations, Family Law or Evidence During Law School

Brennan worked full time through law school and graduated without taking a Business Associations, Family Law or Evidence class. He was concerned that he could take very little time off of work to study for the bar exam and he would not be able to absorb all the new material he needed to learn to pass.  We assured him that the Shemer substantive law materials, extensive exam-skills training and focused question practice would provide all the law he needed to know.  We also mapped out a condensed study plan to fit his schedule.

Here’s what Brennan had to say about his experience with Shemer Bar Review:

“I only took two weeks off before the exam, and passed the first try with a high enough MBE score to waive into DC. I could not have done this without the personal attention and relentless focus Shemer provided. “

-Brennan F., The Catholic University of America

Are you worried because you did not take every bar-tested subject in law school?  Does your work or family schedule eat up your study time?  Let our exam-focused substantive law review, hands-on skills-based training and One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™ help assure your success.   Contact Us now so we can discuss your situation in more detail.


English as a Second Language

Johanna was worried because she could not take the bar exam in her native language of Spanish.  We suggested that question practice would be the key to her success.  By the time the bar exam rolled around she had practiced hundreds of actual bar exam questions using Shemer’s proven techniques.  The familiarity with the types of questions favored by the bar examiners, coupled with Shemer’s time-tested exam skills, gave Johanna the comfort level she would not have gotten anywhere else.

Here’s what Johanna had to say about her experience with Shemer Bar Review:

“After personally speaking with Dan, he convinced me that I should not be intimidated of taking a bar exam in my second language: English. Shemer Bar Review provided the structure and guidance that I needed to feel confident and prepared for the bar exam. I am overjoyed to say that I passed the Maryland Bar on my first attempt and I am gainfully employed as an Associate Attorney at a law firm in the DMV area.”

-Johanna T., Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Are you an ESL student that is worried about a language barrier on the bar exam?  Students from all over the world have relied on Shemer Bar Review’s question-practice based approach to successfully prepare them for the Maryland Bar Exam. We can help you too. Contact Us now so we can discuss your situation in more detail.