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Frequently Asked Questions

About Shemer Bar Review

About Shemer LIVE (In-Class and Online)

Why should I take Shemer Bar Review to prepare for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)?

The same program that made Shemer the best course for the Maryland Bar Exam is now available to every student preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam in any UBE state. No other bar review course has our specialized instruction, hands-on exam skills training, or renowned personal attention. Give us a call (877-560-5811) and we'll explain how the Shemer Advantage will put you in the best position to pass the UBE.

Do I need to take a separate essay or MBE specialty course if I take Shemer LIVE In-Class or Online?

Absolutely not. Both Shemer LIVE In-Class and Shemer LIVE Online provide comprehensive substantive law review, as well as fundamental and subject-specific exam skills for the essay, MBE and MPT portions of the exam. It is an integrated course offering everything necessary for success on all parts of the bar exam. Our B.E.S.T. Program for Essay Excellence will give you more essay writing practice, MPT writing practice and more one-to-one feedback than any essay specialty course can offer. Plus, our MBE preparation incorporates training specifically for the MBE into the full classes.

What if I have to miss a class, Small Group Essay Workshop or Practice Test? Can I watch/listen to recorded lectures?

The need for a student to "make up" class sessions, Small Groups Essays Workshops (SGEW) or Practice Tests due to work, travel, religious observance, etc. is both common and easy to do. Every class lecture is recorded in both a video and audio-only format. These recordings and their accompanying PowerPoint presentations, are available to Enrolled Students on our website with 24/7 access by streaming or by download. If you have to miss a SGEW session, you can audit another session during the same week. And, if you need to miss a Practice Test, you can simply take it on your own time under exam-like conditions.

I don’t live in the Baltimore area. Can I still take your course?

You sure can. Shemer LIVE Online, a real-time webcast of Shemer LIVE In-Class, enables you to take our premier all-live bar review course from virtually anywhere in the world. Visit the Shemer LIVE Online page for more details.


About Shemer LIVE Online Only

How is Shemer LIVE Online different from other online courses?

Shemer LIVE Online is the first online course of its kind - a real-time webcast of our flagship, classroom-based course, Shemer LIVE In-Class. Shemer LIVE Online allows students with busy schedules, testing accommodations or those just seeking an added convenience, the same live, structured, engaging, interactive classroom experience without a commute.

I am thinking about taking Shemer LIVE Online. Will I be missing out on anything if I’m not in the Shemer In-Class course?

Absolutely not. Shemer LIVE Online is our live comprehensive, classroom-based course, broadcast via real-time “webinars”, which we affectionately call “Sheminars”.  “Sheminars” allow you to hear exactly what students in the classroom hear (as they hear it), see on your computer screen exactly what students in the classroom see (as they see it) and ask questions exactly like students in the classroom (via real-time, live chat). The only thing you will be missing out on is the commute!

Do you provide printed course materials for Shemer LIVE Online students?

Yes. Students in Shemer LIVE Online receive the exact same printed course materials as students in Shemer LIVE In-Class. You will receive our Shemer Bar Review Blue Books™, comprehensive volumes containing all of the law you need, general and subject-specific exam skills and tons of practice essay, MBE and MPT questions; and our Shemer Bar Basics™, which condense subjects for easy review. Our One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™ provides structure to your study day by assigning subjects to study and questions to practice each day.

Is the Shemer LIVE Online course easy to use?

Yes. Shemer LIVE Online is real-time webcast of Shemer LIVE In-Class. We use GoToMeeting (a Citrix company), one of the world’s leading web-conferencing solution providers, as our technology partner. The GoToMeeting technology is intuitive, reliable and universal. You can attend Shemer LIVE Online classes, as they happen, from virtually any internet-connected device.

What are the system requirements for Shemer LIVE Online?

We use GoToMeeting (a Citrix company), one of the world’s leading web-conferencing solution providers, as our technology partner. Learn more about the System Requirements for Shemer LIVE Online. You can also Test Your Connection before you enroll.

How can I participate in a live demo of the Shemer LIVE Online course?

Simply Contact Us by phone or email and we will be happy to schedule a live, personalized demonstration of the Shemer LIVE Online course.


About Tuition and Rates

What are your tuition rates? Do you offer discounts?

Please refer to the Tuition & Discounts page for more details.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. Every student enrolled in a Shemer LIVE In-Class or Shemer LIVE Online receives our You Pass Guarantee. If you work hard, come to class but do not pass, you can retake the course ABSOLUTELY FREE. 


About Bar Preparation Generally

How do I get a jumpstart on my bar review studies?

You can watch/listen to substantive law lectures, review PowerPoint Presentations and Presentation Outlines and call or email with any questions you may have. Contact Us for more information.

What do you recommend for students who are repeating the bar exam?

Every repeat taker’s situation is different. Contact Us so we can help diagnose your exam performance and recommend the best approach to prepare to retake the bar exam.

What do you recommend for students who have to work/parent during bar review?

If you are working/parenting during the bar review period, you have far less time than a full-time studier. It can be enough, but you must use your time very efficiently. Every working/parenting student’s situation is different. Contact Us so we can help analyze your situation and recommend a study strategy that’s personally tailored for you.

What do you recommend for students who expect an ADA accommodation on the bar exam?

Every ADA accommodated student’s situation is different. Contact Us so we can help evaluate your situation and recommend a study strategy that’s best for you.


About Course Administrative Questions

When are course materials distributed?

A Course Materials pick-up date will be held about three (3) weeks prior to the course start date. You will pick up your materials on that date. If you are unable to pick up your course books on the scheduled date, your materials can be shipped to you for a small fee. We also offer an Early Start Program to help give you a jumpstart on your studies. Contact Us for more information.

With your limited class size, how can I be sure that there will be a place in the course for me?

Our limited class size means our course fills up quickly. The best way to assure your seat is to enroll early. Enrollment in Shemer LIVE In-Class and Shemer LIVE Online only requires a non-refundable deposit of $95. Plus, enrolling early might qualify you for a discount.


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