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Letter from the Founder, Dan Shemer

Welcome to Shemer Bar Review.  Unlike the impersonal nature of national bar review companies, we are an owner-operated, face-front business.  No one can match our level of personal attention. 

In 1981, I began my bar review career lecturing for a national bar review vendor.  The following year I founded Shemer Bar Review with Shemer’s Essay Techniques (SET), preparation specifically for the Maryland Essay Test.  In 1999, drawing on my experience as an attorney, adult educator and bar review instructor, I developed the company’s flagship comprehensive course, bringing in a phenomenal faculty to teach with me.  In 2010, in response to the dramatic increase in the number and nature of non-traditional law students, I began to offer Shemer LIVE Online—a real-time webcast of my ongoing classroom-based course.

We continue to differentiate ourselves with our unwavering commitment - common to every Shemer course and service - of live, student-focused, skills-based instruction.  We limit class sizes, foster an interactive learning environment, offer face-to-face essay critiques and an unparalleled level of personal attention – whether in-class, online or one-on-one.  If you come to class and work hard, we are so confident in your success that we offer a free retake with the Shemer You Pass Guarantee.

If you have any questions at all about the course, please call and talk with me personally. I hope you will allow me and my amazing faculty to prepare you to pass the Bar Exam.


Daniel M. Shemer
President and Instructor