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MD General Bar Examination - Notice to Unsuccessful Candidates

Regretfully, you were unsuccessful on the Maryland Bar Exam. Please review this information carefully:

Retaking the General Bar Examination – There is no limit on the number of times you may retake the General Bar Exam in an attempt to be successful. To submit a Retake Notice for the General Bar Examination, log into your eBar account and navigate to the “My Application” page. Click on “Notice of Intent to Take a Scheduled General Bar Examination,” update the exam session information, and fill out any required fields. eBar will automatically generate a Retake Notice based upon your eBar record. Check carefully to see that all fields are filled accurately. Submit your Notice online and use the printer icon to print a hard copy. Sign the Retake Notice. File the hard copy Retake Notice with SBLE’s office, along with a check or money order for $250.00 payable to “State Board of Law Examiners” by the filing deadline. All SBLE filing deadlines are RECEIVED BY deadlines, not post-marked dates.

Examination dates and deadlines – Information on examination dates, filing deadlines and exam locations for the next administration of the Maryland General Examination are available at SBLE’s website – http://www.mdcourts.gov/ble/pdfs/201702gbdates.pdf

Passing Standard – Pursuant to Board Rule 5, the minimum passing score on the Maryland General Bar Exam is 406. For further information on how the General Bar Exam is scored, visit http://mdcourts.gov/ble/pdfs/gbtips.pdf. Specific information on score calculations for this exam can be found by accessing the Passing Standard document posted alongside the unofficial online reporting of exam results on The State Board of Law Examiners (“SBLE”) web page.

Policy on Re-grading – SBLE’s re-grade policy applies to applicants who did not attain a passing score following the initial grading of the written answers on the examination, but who fell within a certain range just below passing. The current policy is as follows: SBLE automatically re-grades the entire written test of each applicant whose initial total scale score was in the range from 396 to 405. During re-grading, Written Test question scores may be increased or left unchanged, but not lowered. The Written Test Score assigned during re-grading is the FINAL SCORE and is NOT SUBJECT TO APPEAL. The above-mentioned re-grading policy, as applied by the State Board of Law Examiners to those applicants who reached the re-grade range following the initial grading process, is a procedure utilized by the Board BEFORE the examination results are released. Once the initial grading and re-grading are concluded and the examination results are released, THERE IS NO FURTHER RE-GRADE PROCEDURE AND NO APPEAL IS PERMITTED.

Review of Examination Answers – Pursuant to Board Rule 8, SBLE offers candidates who were unsuccessful on the General Bar Examination the opportunity to review their examination answers and Representative Good Answers selected by the Board. Per Board Rule 8, all requests for review of examination answers must be made within 60 days of the date results are released, which is the date printed on your results letter. There are two (2) ways to review your answers:

(1) send by mail a written, signed request for a copy of your answers (http://www.mdcourts.gov/ble/pdfs/requestreviewofexamanswers.pdf) along with a check or money order for $20 payable to “State Board of Law Examiners,” and SBLE will mail complete copies of your answers and the MBE point sheet to you; or

(2) call SBLE at 410-260-3640 to schedule an appointment to review your answers in person at SBLE’s offices. Candidates reviewing in person may also request copies of their answers for $20, payable by check only (NO CASH). IMPORTANT - The in-person review process is NOT an interview and SBLE staff cannot provide any advice, commentary or tips on your exam performance.

For more information – Complete information on Maryland’s Bar Admission Rules, SBLE’s grading criteria and grading formulas, and use of the eBar electronic Bar application is available online at www.mdcourts.gov/ble. You may contact SBLE’s administrative office with questions regarding the answer review procedure, retake procedure, and for any other information regarding the General Bar Examination by email at sble@mdcourts.gov, or by telephone at 410-260-3640 during SBLE’s normal business hours – Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, except Court holidays.

Rev. October 2016