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A Supplemental Program for the Maryland Essay Test and Multistate Performance Test*

Shemer's Essay & MPT Techniques is the oldest and the most successful course of its kind in Maryland. Through a combination of LIVE, online, interactive exam skills classes, supervised writing, face-to-face feedback on essay answers, MPT critiques and full-length practice tests, Shemer’s Essay & MPT Techniques™ will improve your essay and MPT writing skills to meet the unusual demands of the Maryland Written Test.

Sixteen LIVE On-Line Classes with Real-Time Chat

You attend sixteen (16) Shemer LIVE On-Line class sessions, nearly 40 hours of instruction with in-class question practice, teaching you how to answer Maryland Essay Test and MPT questions. And you can ask questions during class via real-time chat! Your classes include:

  • Introduction & Prepare to Pass
  • Fundamentals of the Essay Test
  • Subject-Specific Essay Skills (one class for each of the 11 testable subjects)
  • Fundamentals of the MPT
  • MPT Skills Class 2
  • Last Class – How to Spend the Final Days Before the Exam, including Open Q&A

Three Volumes of Course Materials

You receive three (3) volumes of printed course materials containing “fundamental” essay and MPT exam skills and more essay and MPT questions (and model answers) than you could ever complete. Practice essay questions are broken down by subject and also as complete exams.

One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™

You also get Shemer’s incomparable, structured One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™ which assigns specific subjects to study, specific subjects to review and specific essay, MPT (and even MBE!) questions to practice and debrief each day. You will never wonder what you should do on a given day!

Small Group Essay Workshop Sessions and MPT Feedback

For the essays, you attend eight (8) live, face-to-face feedback sessions (either online or in-person). These sessions will include you, a maximum of three (3) other students, and your instructor. During each session you get face-to-face critique of two (2) of your answers to assigned practice essay questions. You learn what you did well, what needs improvement, and most importantly, how to improve. For the MPTs, in addition to all of the assigned question practice, you receive detailed written feedback on your answers to two (2) assigned MPT questions.

Two Complete Practice Tests

You attend and take two (2) proctored, full-length practice Written Tests under “exam conditions,” each involving ten essays and one MPT, just like the real thing! Practice exams start about halfway through the course so you can integrate what you learned and use your enhanced skills during your actual bar exam.

All Your Questions Answered

In addition to being able to ask questions via real time chat during the LIVE Online lectures and during your face-to-face feedback sessions you can also call or email our office any time with your questions. We get back to you very quickly!


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  • Tuition: $1,995.
  • This service is NOT for students enrolled in our comprehensive course (Shemer LIVE).