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MEE Test Review


Session Fee: $399

One-to-One Critique

Meet with a member of the Shemer Bar Review faculty for a one-to-one critique of your actual past Multistate Essay Exam (MEE). Your critiquer will review your exam and then meet with you to discuss what you did well, what you didn't and how you can improve your skills. You will leave that meeting armed with instrumental knowledge about your MEE writing and skills. You will learn how to strengthen your answers to maximize your points and how to avoid the same mistakes when you take the exam again.

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  • Session Fee: $399


How do I get started?

Below you will find the names and contact information for Shemer Bar Review's most experienced tutors. 
  1. Contact a tutor directly to discuss your particular situation and needs.

  2. Arrange mutually convenient times and places for your meeting(s) with your tutor.

  3. Once an appointment time is arranged, you will receive a confirmation email providing payment instructions. (All payments are due at least 48 hours in advance of your session.)


Available Tutors

Brian Green
In-person and online.
Jeff Griffith
In-person or online.
Nancy B. Grimm, RN, Esq.
Online only.
Renee Nacrelli
Ralph L. Sapia
Online available, put in-person preferred.
Kate Fitzgerald