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The Shemer Advantage

All-live instruction, in-class Q&A, always accessible all-lawyer staff, unmatched exam-skills training, a detailed One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule, weekly face-to-face feedback on your MBE and MEE answers and an unparalleled level of personal attention. That’s The Shemer Advantage.

With 35+ years of experience, Shemer helps you overcome every obstacle to passing the Bar Exam. Guaranteed!

You Pass Guarantee! If you work hard, come to class but do not pass, you can retake the course for free!

Bar Exam Prep is All We Do

We know what it takes to succeed.

For more than 35 years, we’ve focused exclusively on preparing students for the the Bar Exam, and that’s still all we do. Dan Shemer has taught for every Bar Exam since 1981. That experience and all our resources center on you to ensure you develop the knowledge and unique skills essential for success. You and the Bar Exam are our only focus.

Award-Winning Faculty

Because the teachers make all the difference.

Our diverse faculty is made up of attorneys, state and federal judges and law professors with over 100 years of combined experience teaching for the Bar Exam. And as important, they will keep you engaged and focused throughout the course. Learn More about our Faculty »

Always Live Instruction, In-Class or Online!

Always Live with In-Class Q & A

Watching canned lectures of talking heads is no way to prepare for the Bar Exam.

“Live” Instructor Teaches Every Class.

EVERY class is taught by one of our dynamic instructors at the front to the room.

Professors Answer Questions During Class - In-Class and Online.

Have a question during class? Unique in bar review, just raise your hand, or if you are online, use our real-time chat function and get an immediate answer. Our experienced professors never let class get off track. With the short amount of time you have to prepare, the importance of being able to ask and get your questions answered during class is obvious, but many programs don’t allow it. 

Visual Aids Enhance Learning.

Every lecture is enhanced with visual aids - PowerPoint slides, question mark-ups on a document camera, etc. Unlike programs where all you see is a “talking head” behind a lectern, our visual aids enhance your learning and punch-up the class!

Subject-specific, point winning strategies you need to pass the Bar Exam.

Extensive MBE, MEE And MPT Prep

Learning the law is important, but it’s not enough.

Exam Skills Focus

You learn to weigh the facts, spot the issues and pick the right answers, because more than 20 classes – over 70 hours – are devoted to test-taking techniques, in-class practice and skills based feedback.  For every subject, there are skills classes that use real Bar Exam questions to develop your critical exam skills, provide format familiarity and teach you how to answer questions within the tough time constraints of the Bar Exam. You will write answers in-class, hear and see best tactics, and you can ask questions about your answers to gauge your progress.  Hundreds of practice questions are reviewed in class and hundreds more are assigned for homework. See our Course Schedule and compare »

Face-To-Face Feedback

Every week, in addition to class, you have a scheduled, one-hour, face-to-face meeting - your Small Group Workshop™ (SGW) session - with an experienced attorney and three other students. During each SGW, this attorney will critique your MBE exam skills, read your answers to assigned MEE questions, tell you what’s good, what needs to be improved, and most importantly, how to improve. If you have follow-up questions, we are right there to answer them for you! Can written feedback compare?

Exam-Focused Substantive Law Review

Passing the Bar Exam requires more than just knowing the law. Our substantive law review is exam focused and highlights the frequently tested and formidable topics. We give you the subject-specific, point winning strategies you need to pass the Bar Exam. No one else comes close.   

Four Full-Length Practice Tests

In addition to in-class question practice during our skills class, you take two full practice MBEs and two full practice “Written Tests” - actual exam questions taken under actual exam conditions, so the real Bar Exam will be a familiar experience. And our practice tests start halfway through the course so you have time to integrate what you’ve learned, build on it and use it during the real Bar Exam. No other prep course offers this level of test preparation.  

Our supportive staff is always available to you.

Unparalleled Personal Attention

Experience the difference between a national prep course and our face-front, owner-involved business.

Limited Class Size

We recognize every student taking the Bar Exam is an individual, facing challenges that are varied and particularized. Are you working during the exam period, do you have excessive obligations at home, did you struggle in law school, do you have a learning challenge that affects your study, do you struggle with test anxiety? Our limited class size ensures a student-focused, interactive class and an unmatched level of personal attention to help you achieve success in light of the challenges you may face. 

Accessible Staff and Face-to-Face Interaction

With all-live instruction, ever-present staff, Small Group Workshop leaders and Personal Mentors, we are the only bar review course to offer the constant and consistent face-to-face attention and support you need to overcome every obstacle in your preparation. Dan Shemer and the rest of our experienced staff are always there - in-person - to answer your questions and keep you motivated. You should never hesitate to reach out.

Stress Management

Simply put, the calm mind thinks clearly, and the clear-thinking mind passes the exam. Frequent breaks, exercise, rest and relaxation are the keys. To maintain your composure and ensure that your mind is your ally, not your enemy, stress management exercises are taught and practiced in class. Nearly 80% of our students report using the stress management techniques we teach DURING the actual Bar Exam. Learn how our students handle the stress and other challenges.

Subject-specific, point winning strategies you need to pass the Bar Exam.

Stucture And Flexibility

Don’t leave your study strategy to chance. Our structured model works!

Flexible Attendance Options

Choose to prep for the Bar Exam whichever way fits you best - attend in the classroom or online.  Miss a class or just want to see a class again? Recorded lectures are available 24/7 without limit. If you choose to attend online, you can still have your Small Group Workshop face-to-face, and vice versa.

Scheduled Classes

Scheduled classes require you to attend and be prepared, even during periods of fatigue, frustration or fear. Unlike courses offered solely “on-demand”, our approach provides the discipline to keep you on task during this 10-week marathon. And holding classes in the evening gives you a longer, more effective study day and allows working/parenting students to attend an all-live class.

One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule

We’ve created a “follow the bouncing ball” approach for you to prepare for the exam - your One-Day-At-A-Time Study Schedule™. EVERY day, we tell you exactly which MBE, MEE and MPT questions to practice and how. EVERY day, we tell you which subjects to study and which to review.  You won’t ever awaken and wonder what you should do that day! And because people have different studying styles, family commitments or work conflicts, we’re personally available to help massage the Study Schedule to adjust to your needs.  

You Pass Guarantee

We cannot afford to let you fail. If you work hard, come to class but do not pass, you can retake the course ABSOLUTELY FREE.