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Discover what students have to say about Shemer Bar Review.

"I cannot possibly speak more highly about Shemer Bar Review. While I know that MD is switching over to the UBE, future bar takers should not hesitate to sign up because Shemer does their research. They are the only bar prep company that will prepare you to face the unknown with profound confidence because by the end of Bar Review you will have learned everything you need to know for the test. You'll become comfortable with making up rule statements when you're faced with something that hasn't been tested in 30 years, and also how to manage test-day anxiety (I swear I heard Dan's bells go off when my hands started shaking during the test). There is no other company that will listen to and acknowledge your every concern about your abilities and talk you off all the ledges you're bound to traverse while studying for the bar."

-Emily C., University of Baltimore


"I was never the most confident law student--pretty average if I'm being honest. Because I always planned to do public service or government work, I was never really sure I would even take the bar exam. But, I decided to take it to prove to myself that I wasn't scared of it. Despite my reservations, your course was exactly what I needed. It was organized, required dedication, and was really goddamn hard, just as it should have been. But throughout the summer, the whole staff emphasized hard work, and being good to ourselves during the process. Thank you for teaching us the material so well, thank you for your humor throughout the course, thank you for the tootsie rolls, and most of all, thank you for emphasizing not just the test itself, but for teaching us how to take care of the person actually taking it."

-David M., University of Maryland


"Enrolling in Shemer Bar Review is the best investment I've made in years. SBR didn't just teach the material - from picking up my bar review books to the day results came out I felt genuinely supported and part of a larger effort. I'll always be grateful to the entire SBR family and recommend the course without reservation. Do yourself a favor and choose Shemer!"

-Morgan F., Harvard University


"I took Shemer after being unsuccessful on my first bar attempt with another review course. Shemer taught me extremely valuable skills that the other review course didn't even acknowledge. Shemer also provided me with condensed materials that made it easy to learn what is heavily tested on the exam. The ability to take the class online or in person made it easy for to attend every session and learn from a variety of accomplished instructors. Overall, I would recommend Shemer to anyone taking the Maryland bar without hesitation."

-Kumudha K., University of Baltimore


“I had a great experience with the online program, and I know that studying on my own time and not dealing with commuting, etc. was a big part of my sanity and success. If I have not already done so, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the Shemer professors and staff for helping me achieve success in what is surely the most difficult exam I have ever taken.”

-Alvaro L., University of Maryland


"Given I worked full time through most of my bar prep period, having the online option was indispensable for me! Further, the attention and responsiveness were superb. I was very well prepared, passed the bar the first time, and scored high enough to waive into the DC bar!" 

-Tina W., University of Maryland


"There are a few notable differences between Shemer and its competitors. I found that my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly, both inside and outside the classroom.  There were weekly small group meetings during which a professor discussed and reviewed my essays and provided valuable feedback. Shemer took a well-rounded (and unique) approach toward test day preparation. While studying and practice tests are important to passing, Shemer taught me invaluable stress reduction skills. It was like having therapy in class! There is not one thing I would change about your program!" 

-Sara Z., The Catholic University of America


“I took Shemer after failing my first attempt at passing the bar exam with another review course. The second time I took the Shemer Bar Review course. Even though I was working full time and had a brutal commute to work, class, and then home, the Shemer method gave me the confidence I needed to pass on my second bar exam attempt. I highly recommend Shemer Bar Review Course if you’re looking to pass the Maryland Bar Exam.”

-Maso H., Howard University School of Law


"The staff at Shemer provides more personalized attention and support than one could reasonably expect from any bar review course. Shemer is the only course uniquely tailored to the Maryland bar; and their materials and teaching style ensure success. As someone who was employed full-time and was only able to study part-time, studying for the bar was actually enjoyable because Shemer made it interesting and fun!"

-Lauren B., University of Maryland


“Since I knew I'd be working full time through bar review, the idea that of spending only a fraction of the time preparing for the bar as the full time studiers would spend was terrifying to me. The fact that Shemer provided live evening classes that were engaging and that I could attend after work, as well as a realistic, abridged study plan for part-time studiers that I was able to (mostly!) keep on top of, took a lot of anxiety out of the process. Without the Shemer program, I would never have figured out on my own how to become as prepared as possible in the shortest number of hours.”

-Nicole F., University of Baltimore


“Shemer Bar Review is the best product or service I ever purchased.  It isn't just about the preparatory materials.  Dan and his instructors were fluent in the law - but more importantly, they were fluent in the personal challenges that come along with the bar exam. Take Shemer.  A bargain at any price.”

-Duncan B., Catholic University of America


“I took the Shemer Bar Review course twice - because I failed to listen the first time! The second time I took the Shemer Bar Review course, I actually listened to Neal and Dan and studied the way the schedule lays it out in front of you. Although I worked full time and had a somewhat brutal commute to work, class, then home, by following the Shemer's method, I gained confidence that I did know enough to pass.”

-Jen J., American University


“Hi Neal and Dan - I have never felt more prepared for an exam--if I didn't pass after taking Shemer, I wasn't passing at all! I'm currently studying for the Florida Bar and my biggest gripe is that there's no Shemer Bar Review down here. After comparing, no other program even comes close to offering me live instructors, personalized attention, small group essay critiques and multiple full length simulation exams, AND all at a competitive price. Shemer please expand!!!”

-Jennifer R., University of Maryland


"I enjoyed Shemer Bar Review because their approach was clear and easy to follow which helped minimize the stress of taking the bar exam."

-Jennifer B., University of the District of Columbia


"I was working full-time and studying for the bar and if it hadn’t been for Shemer's adaptable study schedule and Neal’s constant availability for my stressed out phone calls I may never have survived the emotional rollercoaster and passed on my first attempt."

-Sam S., University of Baltimore


“The Shemer Bar Review was a perfect fit for me. The small group sessions really helped me improve my essays. The weekend test sessions were great preparation for the actual bar. But I think the most important thing was the holistic approach that Shemer has -- the emphasis on taking care of yourself, handling the stress, and keeping everything in perspective. I had friends who took other bar reviews and they were much more nervous when we went in to take the bar and much more negative about the possible outcome. Thanks!”

-Beverly G., University of Maryland


"Dan and his team made the miserable experience of studying for the bar exam as painless as possible by using their extensive knowledge and providing personal attention.  Shemer's holistic approach towards the entire bar exam process from prior to studying, through the exam, and all the way up to the results, truly helps to keep you focused, healthy, and left with a measurable amount of sanity. Thank you for helping me achieve a life long dream."

-Malini G., University of Baltimore


“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and the rest of the Shemer crew for all of your guidance and encouragement during my preparation for the bar exam.  You guys have created a wonderful support system and it is very obvious that you all really do care for your students.  I definitely felt prepared for the exam and the techniques and strategies promoted by the Shemer group are great.”

-Tim B., University of Baltimore


"Taking Shemer is the best advice I could give anyone seeking to pass the Maryland Bar. A majority of the other bar prep classes I researched entailed watching DVDs in a classroom setting, or online. Shemer, however, has live, in-person, professors teaching you each of the required Maryland bar subjects. The in-person classes were helpful because it afforded me the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate responses. Also, Shemer encourages a team-like atmosphere. Lastly, Shemer, unlike many other courses, offers small essay practice sessions where the instructors provide very helpful feedback so that by the time you are writing your essays during the bar you feel confident and comfortable in your writing abilities. This course is truly some of the best money spent and it is worth every penny." 

-Robert J., Howard University