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You Pass Guarantee

Please review the entire Guarantee carefully.

If you enroll in a Shemer LIVE course (In-Class or Online) and satisfy the Retake Conditions listed below, but do not pass the first Uniform Bar Exam given after the course for which you enrolled, you are entitled to attend all Shemer classes (in-class, online or recordings, including Practice Tests *), in preparation for the next administration of the Uniform Bar Exam 100% FREE OF CHARGE.  You may also participate in Small Group Workshops for Vets (including any MPT critiques) for an additional charge, not to exceed $250.*


A new set of Shemer Bar Review Blue Books is NOT included with your free retake.


Retake Conditions

The following conditions must be satisfied for any retake according to the terms above:

1. CLASS: You attended all but FOUR (4) classes. “Attended” means you arrived and signed the Attendance Sheet or signed-on to the class webinar (for students attending online) timely and remained until class ended.


2. SMALL GROUP WORKSHOPS [SGW]: You attended all but ONE (1) of your assigned SGWs. “Attended” means you arrived timely, in-person or online as applicable, and timely submitted for feedback your answer(s) to any and all SGW questions (NOT regular practice questions) assigned for the SGW on the Study Schedule.


3. MPT SUBMISSIONS: You timely submitted answers to every MPT question assigned to be turned in for written feedback as noted on the Study Schedule.


4. PRACTICE TESTS: You completed every “Practice Test” on the date noted on the Study Schedule or within three (3) days of that date. For Practice Tests MBE 1 and MBE 2, you also submitted your scores using the on-line grading feature within (3) days after the date of the practice test. For In-Class students, if you are unable to physically attend a given practice test, you may be granted permission to take the exam on your own.


5. POST-RESULTS: After exam results are posted by the Board, SBR will send instructions to your email address (from your account; you must keep it up to date) for you to request to retake the course. You must follow all instructions and provide everything requested by the deadlines stated in the email(s).


Reasons for not attending a required class, SGW or practice test are not relevant to this Guarantee. Acquiescence in or even “approval” for missing a class, SGW or practice test by any member of Shemer Bar Review is not relevant to this Guarantee and is not a waiver of, or exception to, its requirements. The bottom line is you have to attend!


*Subject to availability.